Updates (as of 25 June 2021)
1. Revisions were made to the Rules for Conformation Dog Show, Grooming, Agility and Obedience Judges Training Scheme on 24th May 2021 & approved on 23 June 2021 by the Governing Council. Revisions are highlighted in red and underlined.
2. Show Conformation Judges Training Scheme Application Fee revised. Applicant(s) who failed the JTS Entrance & Anatomy Examination has to
re-apply to enter the JTS as trainee judge (subject to Governing Council's approval).
3. 24th SKC Grooming Certification - Please click here
to register.
4. Entrance fee waiver for new members signing up Term Membership. Promotion valid from 1st July 2021 till 31st December 2021.
Click here for membership form.
5. Revised imported dog registration, submission period revised to 90 days instead of 60 days. 
6. Unfortunately but expected, 2021 AWC @ Estonia is confirmed cancelled. Please click here for the official letter for your information.

7. With effect 1st January 2021, local handlers for Conformation Dog Shows must be SKC Member. Members must apply day membership for overseas handlers upon submission of show entry form. Day membership fee applies.
8. SKC office will be closed from 2nd June 2020 till further notice. For all inquiries, please email to admin@skc.org.sg.

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Grooming News

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Conformation News

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The Singapore Kennel Club Grooming Manual (English version) is now available!

Comprehensive grooming guide book with full colors pictures and great contents contributed by a lot of outstanding Japan Kennel Club Grooming Masters in Japan and it is beneficial to all show exhibitors and groomers. 

Members can purchase a copy at $80.00. 

Non members $120 per copy.

Excluding delivery/postal charges. 

For those who are interested, please email to admin@skc.org.sg

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