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Affix Registration


Application for the Registration of an Affix



SKC Affix & FCI Registration (Lifetime):

S$ 165.00

Important : Please read the rules carefully before completing AFFIX FORM (pdf).    



Rules Governing The Registration of Affixes

1.       The object of registering an Affix is to secure the exclusive right to the use of a word as part of a name when registering the name of a dog and to serve to             distinguish dogs which have been bred or owned by a particular individual or kennel.


2.       An Affix once granted may be used by the registered owner :


             (a)      as a prefix (i.e. the first word in the name of a dog) only where(i) the grantee of the Affix is the breeder of the dog 

                       (i.e. the owner of the dam)(ii) the grantee of the Affix is the breeder of  both parents of the dog,

                       and the dog is first transferred to the grantee.


             (b)     as a suffix (i.e. the last word in the dog’s name) in respect of an imported or Singapore-bred dog on condition that the

                      dog be first transferred to his name and on payment of the prescribed fee for addition of Affix.



3.      Affixes may be registered in the names of two or more persons provided both are members of the S.K.C.  A grant subsisting in the name of a single owner            can be transferred into the name of a partnership of which the registered owner is one of the partners.  A grant subsisting in the name of a partnership can    

         with the consent of all the partners, be transferred into sole ownership of any one of the partners.  Save in exceptional circumstances, an existing Affix    

         cannot be transferred into the name of a new owner until the time limit laid down in Rule 4 has elapsed.  In cases of death, or of  the desire of the owner to            transfer an Affix into the name of a close relative, consideration will always be given to such request for transfer if the reasons for the request are fully    

         explained to the Club.  The fee for the transfer of an affix is $30.00.   Overseas Members are not eligible to apply for an Affix.


4.      Affixes form part of a name and cannot be used for registration purposes by any one other than the person or persons for the time being entitled under a    

         subsisting grant from the Club.


5.      Refer to  No Affix registered with any other canine body with whom the Club has a reciprocal agreement will be granted unless the      

         applicant can prove by the production of written evidence that such Affix is already registered in his or her name with the overseas club in question.


6.      An Affix shall consist of one word only not exceeding 12 letters and must not be hyphenated.  Affix should preferably be “made up” words, but may be    

         names of houses, landed property, or villages belonging to or connected with the applicant.  The names of Countries, States, Counties, large towns or    

         other well known places or persons, titles, single letters or numbers (in figure or in words) adjectives or nouns appropriate to the name of a dog will not be          granted, nor will words with eccentric spelling designed to be pronounced in a manner likely to convey the meaning of words falling into the prohibited              categories be accepted.


7.      The Governing Council of the S.K.C. reserves the right to cancel the grant of any Affix if it is proved to their satisfaction that it is expedient to do so, and

         whilst every endeavour will be made to explain the reasons necessitating such cancellations, the Governing Council is in no way bound to disclose them

         and its decisions regarding the granting of Affixes are final.

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