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Announcement for Groomers

Dear Participants, SKC Appointed Grooming Establishments and Grooming Schools,


We hereby announce the registrations for FCI GROOMING COMPETITION/CERTIFICATION

Pet Expo - 14th April 2023

For registration forms, please click on the below:-

1. FCI Grooming Competition/Certification

Registration Closing Date : 20 March 2023, before 6pm.

Entry Fee: $120 (COMPULSORY for all classes)

a. No entries allowed after closing date.

b. Candidates are advised to be familiar with the FCI GROOMING RULES & REGULATIONS.

c. Grooming Certificate Fees applies if candidate passed the certification:-

Level A - $380

Level B - $280

Level C - $180

(It is mandatory for candidates who passed to pay the certificate fees within 1 week from the event day;

certificate fee is optional for those taking part in competition only)








GROOMING SCHEDULE (subject to changes) :- 

a. FCI Grooming Competition/Certification (PET EXPO)


10.00am Check in for collection of number tags & preparation for practical

10.30am Report to ring 

10.45am Judges introduction and models checking 

11.15am Start examination and competition 

12.15am Break (10mins - for dogs and groomers to rest, no consultation, use of electronic

devices/scissors/combs or coaching in any form is permitted)

12.25pm Competition/Certification resumes

1.10pm Models checking (For breeds under 1.45hrs)
1.25pm Models checking (For breeds under 2hrs)
1.55pm Models checking (For breeds under 2.5hrs)
2.15pm Tabulate points
2.45pm Announcement for winners
3.00pm Photo taking with judge till end

FCI Grooming R&R
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W.E.F March 2020, it is the responsibility of groomers to upkeep their SKC membership if they wish to pursue their grooming certification further. Should any groomers failed to renew their membership within the stipulated period given, their membership shall be terminated & SKC reserves the right to deem their grooming certification results invalid. Groomers will be required to retake practical examination for the level/category that they were last certified.

Supported by the following SKC Appointed Grooming Establishments:
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