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Apply To Be An Appointed Grooming Establishment




(Approved on 2 Jan. 2014)

(Amended on 24 Sept. 2014)

(Amended on 30 Sept. 2014)

(Amended on 9 Feb. 2017)





(a)     Application must be in the form of a letter and accompanied with a completed Application Form, giving the details of the Dog Grooming

          School, Dog Grooming Academy or Dog Grooming Training Centre (the “Grooming Establishment”), the names of the Directors, a copy of

          the Certificate of Incorporation and any other relevant information or documents that The Singapore Kennel Club may require.


(b)     Supporting documents such as the Letter of Appointment is required should the “Core Individual” is not the owner or director of the

          Grooming Establishment.





(a)     That the Grooming Establishment acknowledges The Singapore Kennel Club as the final authority for interpreting the Rules and

          Regulations relating to canine, grooming, competition and examination matters. Relevant documents shall be made available to the    

          Singapore Kennel Club whenever necessary or upon request.


(b)     Upon receiving confirmation from The Singapore Kennel Club, of the Grooming Establishment’s Appointment, all other appointments of  

          non-Singapore Kennel Club affiliated clubs/associations etc. must be surrendered/withdrawn.


(c)     That The Singapore Kennel Club’s logo may be included in advertising and marketing material in the following format:


Appointed Grooming Establishment of: SKC logo


          No other grooming association’s, society’s etc. logo may be included, without the prior approval of The Singapore Kennel Club. Failure to do so    

          will compel The Singapore Kennel Club to withdraw the said Appointed Grooming Establishment from its register.


(d)     That the Grooming Establishment shall apply to the Singapore Kennel Club for the renewal of its Appointment during the month of January each                   year and shall pay the required Appointment fees of S$200 per year. The Appointment fee may be amended without any prior notice, but the

          Grooming Establishment will be informed of any such amended Appointment fees during the month of November in the preceding year. The

          Singapore Kennel Club may, in its sole and absolute discretion, agree to or decline the renewal of such Appointment.


(e)     The Grooming Establishment shall be entitled to apply to the Singapore Kennel Club for permission to organise up to 1 Grooming Competition

          each year, held in compliance with the Singapore Kennel Club’s Grooming Competition Rules & Regulations as published on its website and as

          amended from time to time.


(f)      Appointed Grooming Establishments will not be entitled to conduct Practical or Theory Examinations.


(g)     Appointed Grooming Establishments must send at least 1 candidate to the annual Practical and Theory Examinations conducted by the

          Singapore Kennel Club.


(h)     The ‘Core individual’, be it owner, manager, or instructor, at the Grooming Establishment must have at least an A Class Grooming Certificate

          recognized by the Singapore Kennel Club. The Grooming Establishment to notify the Singapore Kennel Club in writing should any change



(i)      The Grooming Establishment’s physical place of business must be an URA Approved premise for grooming activity. Should the premise be of

          sub-tenancy arrangement, related supporting documents must be submitted together with application.


(j)      The Singapore Kennel Club’s “Grooming Manual” shall be used as the syllabus for practical or theory examination criteria.


(k)     The Grooming Establishment is required to provide talks at community events for public education on pet care.





          The Grooming Establishment must primarily be involved in/with Dog Grooming and its general objectives must be in line with those of the

          Singapore Kennel Club who granted its Appointment and whose Rules and Regulations will be complied with at all times.





(a).    A copy of the Grooming Establishment’s registration with ACRA, the Registrar of Societies or any other approved Government authority.

          (See No. 1)


(b).    A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Constitution, Rules & Regulations and any other similar equivalent documents of the    

         Grooming Establishment (the “Core Documents”) must be submitted to the Singapore Kennel Club at the time of application for its                  






(a).    The Grooming Establishment may hold a Grooming Competition each year as the Singapore Kennel Club may from time to time approve.



(b).    The Singapore Kennel Club may, in its sole and absolute discretion, grant or decline the approval to hold a Grooming Competition.



(c).    The Grooming Establishment must submit its application for approval, together with a non-refundable application fee of S$150 to hold a Grooming

          Competition at least 3 months prior to the date of the proposed Grooming Competition.


(d).    The application for approval should provide details of the date, venue, name and profile of the judge and any other details that may be requested by              the Singapore Kennel Club.


(e).    The proposed judge of the Grooming Competition must be a licenced judge and approved by the Singapore Kennel Club.


(f).     The proposed Grooming Competition shall not be held on a date of any other Singapore Kennel Club activity or sanctioned activity, including but

          not limited to Dog Shows, Obedience Trials, Grooming Competitions or Grooming Examinations.


(g).    Complete results of the said Grooming Competition must be forwarded /sent to the Singapore Kennel Club within 7 days from date of Grooming  




6.       GENERAL


          The SKC may refuse to register any Grooming Establishment or to renew its appointment by reason of non-compliance of the Rules and

          Regulations governing the appointment of Grooming Establishments. 

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