Inaugural Asia Grooming Federation


Asia’s continued growth in the Dog Grooming industry inspired the Presidents of Japan Kennel Club and the China Kennel Union to consider the formation of a regional entity.  5 countries, namely, China Kennel Union, Japan Kennel Club, Korean Kennel Federation, Kennel Club of Taiwan and the

Singapore Kennel Club, the founder member countries, met in Beijing, China on Monday, 14 October for the Inaugural General Assembly.


The original intention was to name the regional organisation the Asia Grooming Association.  However, as a similarly named organisation exists in China, it was unanimously agreed to name ours the Asia Grooming Federation (AGF). 


The Statutes of the Asia Grooming Federation were discussed thoroughly and approved by all members.  The first officers were elected from the respective countries, viz:


                  President:                              Japan

                  2 Vice Presidents:            China and Taiwan

                  2 Board Members:           Korea and Singapore


Whilst respecting the independence of each member country, the Asia Grooming Federation’s objectives include strengthening friendly relationships and most importantly, improving the Grooming techniques and nurturing the development of groomers in Asia.


Three logo designs, each, were submitted by 3 countries and the logo designed by Ms. Lauren Shen, of the Singapore Kennel Club was selected.  We thank her for her creativity and giving our Club a special memorable place in the annals of the Asia Grooming Federation.


The Asia Grooming Federation’s Inaugural Ceremony on Tuesday, 15 October, 2014 was held at the China National Convention Centre, Beijing and attended by more than a hundred people from the China Kennel Union and the 5 countries’ representatives, totaled about twenty. It was truly a spectacular and unforgettable event.


The above ceremony was planned, executed and compered by the staff of the China Kennel Union.  They did a fantastic and professional job!  All Presidents of the Kennel Clubs and the representative from the FCI Judge’s Committee, delivered their speeches.  Undoubtedly, it was a historical and a memorable occasion.        


Grooming Competitions were held at the International Conference and Exhibition Center, Langfang on 16 and 17 October, 2014.  Groomers were competing at the prestigious and historical 1st. AGF Challenge Competition.  Also include in the two days of Grooming Competitions were the 2014 CKU National Groomer Qualification Test and 2014 CKU Groomer Elite Competition.  On the first day, 15 October, 2014, four judges, two each from Japan and Taiwan adjudicated more than two hundred groomers over two sessions.  On the second day, there were almost one hundred groomers, who competed in the Elite Competition. 


The inaugural meetings and ceremony along with the two days Grooming Competitions were historical, memorable and should be cherished for years to come