Agility For Fun – Basic Jumpers Course Outline

All classes are held at Peak Agility Training (PAT) Centre

Marina Country Club, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670

5 Sundays between 15 July to 12 August, 11am-12pm (1hr)

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The course will cover the following topics:-


Week 1 (15 Jul 2018)

Learning about the 3Rs (Running, Recall, Relationship)
- Knowing your dog: what motivates your dog & whether he is stressed / anxious
- Getting your dog to follow and come

Introduction to Jumps

Week 2 (22 Jul 2018)

Importance of correct handler positioning

Building confidence with Tunnels

Week 3 (29 Jul 2018)

Changing Sides

Knowing the tougher obstacles - Long jump and Double Jumps

Week 4 (5 Aug 2018)

Moving from Obstacle to obstacle

Putting it together to run a simple course

Week 5 (12 Aug 2018)

Walking and remembering a full Jumper Course

Practical time - Novice jumper course!


The BJC course does not restrict to SKC members. Public are welcome to join. Dogs of all breeds with no mobility issue may sign up.