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Breed Certificate


For Pure Bred Non-Registered Dogs

Pure bred non-registered dog owners are able to apply to the Singapore Kennel Club for a Breed Certificate for their dog.


The certification is chargeable at $170 per dog, inclusive of inspection. Inspection will be carried out by SKC’s licensed judge.

SKC will issue the Breed Certificate only when the inspector verify that it is the breed for which verification was applied for.

In the case whereby the dog/bitch is found not of pure breed, an official report will be provided and no refund will be given.


Prior to inspection, the dog must be microchipped.





1.        Owner(s) of the pure bred non-registered dogs must become Ordinary Members of the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC).


2.        Owner(s) must produce document of proof that dog is under his/her ownership (such as AVS License or any vet documentation).

           Where possible, the owners should also produce the following documents :

           a. A breeder’s pedigree, if available.

           b. Import License, if available.

           c. Quarantine discharge certificate, where applicable.


3.        Any dogs seeking breed certificate registration must be micro-chipped.


4.        Upon completion of the required registration form, a litter inspector will inspect the dog.  A qualified judge will carry out a second inspection. A third            inspection, by a breed specialist will be carried out if the Litter inspector or the qualified Judge differs in their opinion.


5.        Upon approval, SKC will issue a SKC BREED CERTIFICATE (Breed Certificate).  The date of birth, sex, breed and name will be reflected in the               certificate accordingly.


6.        The owner may apply for a kennel name in the event if he does not have one. At the time of registration, the owner’s kennel name can be used as a                  suffix. The letters BC must appear immediately after the suffix.  E.g. if the name of the dog is BITCH and the kennel name is WILDFLOWER,    

           the dog can be named as BITCH OF WILDFLOWER-BC.  The progeny can only use the kennel name as the suffix.


7.        A Breed Certificate number will be issued.  This number will reflect the year of registration and the letters PB as a code for Pure Breed.


8.        Transfers will be permitted.  The existing rules governing the registration of Pedigree dogs will apply.


9.        For the purpose of breeding, a Breed Certified dog can be bred with a SKC Pedigreed dog or a Breed Certified Dog.  The first and second-generation             progenies will be issued with Breed Certificates only.


10.      The first generation progeny will have the sire and dam’s names entered in the Breed Certificate.  The second generation will have the sire, dam,      

           grand sire and grand dam’s names entered in the Breed Certificate.  The third generation progeny will be issued with the SKC Pedigree.


11.      For the issue of SKC Pedigree for the third generation progeny, all three previous generations must satisfy the criterions of the SKC Pedigree or      

           Breed Certificate.  Should a second-generation progeny breed with a newly registered Breed Certified dog, the progeny from this breeding will be      

           considered as first generation progeny.


12.      Registration of progeny from breeding of certified dogs will follow existing SKC regulations with the exception of the inspection of litters.  The    

           inspection schedule will comply with item No.4.


13.      The sire and dam of the progeny to be registered must be registered with the SKC as either Pedigreed or Breed Certified prior to the registration of    

           the progeny.


14.      In the case of progeny (puppies) from purebred non-registered parents, the registration of the parent/s for Breed Certificates must be completed prior              to the registration of the progeny.


15.     The SKC reserves the right to withdraw all awards and Breed Certificate of the dog in the event it does not mature in conformity with the breed it was            registered for.




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