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Companion Dogs


The Companion Dog Section is the “fun” section of the national canine organisation of Singapore. We want dog owners to have a “sense of belonging”. Anyone who owns a dog, loves dogs or simply has dogs in mind can become a member of the Singapore Kennel Club’s Companion Dog Section. Dog owners with cross breeds, mongrels, non-pedigree dogs, pure-bred dogs or breeds that cannot be recognized are all welcome. By becoming Associate Members of the Singapore Kennel Club, you will belong to the national canine organisation. Besides, as an organisation, appropriate activities can be planned and implemented for all dog owners. Objectives of The Companion Dog Section

  • To have dog owners engage their dogs in activities and to interact with other dogs and their owners.

  • To educate dog owners in a “fun” way and to inculcate values of responsible dog ownership.

  • To highlight that dogs can be trained and be involved in our society.


Dog owners can participate in the various activities organized by the Companion Dog Section. These activities include:

  • Social events.

  • Competitive events.

  • Seminars and presentations on nutrition, grooming and veterinary care.

  • Obedience forums.

  • Agility equipment try-outs.

  • Breed talks.

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