Conformation Show Rules


Conformation Show Rules

FCI Show Rules

Asia Pacific Champion Rules

Asia, Africa & Oceania Championship Rules

(The rules are the same as APCS. The CACs of the dogs during APAC shows will be carried over to A2O.)

SEA Champion Rules



Qualification for the FCI International Champion Title

The only dogs/bitches which can be taken into consideration for the CACIB are those which have been awarded “EXCELLENT 1st.” A CACIB can only be awarded if a said dog/bitch has been assessed as being of superior quality.  The CACIB is not automatically and compulsorily linked to the “EXCELLENT 1st.

The RESERVE CACIB is awarded to the second best dog/bitch, which was given the grading of “Excellent”.  However, it is compulsory to award the Reserve CACIB. The Judge awards the CACIB and the RESERVE CACIB, according to the quality of the dogs.

Only one Judge for each sex and breed carries out the granting of all awards, including the CACIB and this Judge shall be appointed in advance.

The Dog/Bitch must have earned, under 3 different Judges, 4 CACIB’s (Certificat d'Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté) no matter the number of competing dogs.

Between the first and last CACIB, a minimum period of one year and one day must have elapsed.

Members are required to print/download their dog’s CACIB.

Click here to find out how to print/download your dog's CACIB(s).