Imported Dog Registration


Registration of an imported dog already registered abroad

It is compulsory that anyone applying for registration must first become a member of the club.


Documents required for Registrations :-


1. Official Export Pedigree or Certified Pedigree issued by the Kennel Club of its country of export.


2. Airway Bill


3. Import Licence


4. Quarantine Certificate, where applicable.


Application must be made within 90 days of arrival.


Note : A surcharge will be imposed on those who do not comply with this rule and the acceptance for the late registration shall be at the absolute discretion of the governing council.


All particulars asked for must be given and must be fully entered before submission. In the event that there has been a delay in receipt of the export or certified pedigree, the breeder’s pedigree must be produced whereupon “provisional registration” may be granted.

Full registration can only be effected upon receipt of the official export or certified pedigree within six months of the date of this application.


Imported dog registration form



Registration of an Imported Dog

$ 180.00 SGD


$ 3.00 SGD

Late submission of Registration of an Imported Dog
(i.e. report made after 90 days from date of its arrival in Singapore)

$ 230.00 SGD

Export Pedigree

To apply for export pedigree 

please apply here: