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Introduction to shows


Purchase a puppy of the breed of your choice (recognised by the SKC) from a reputable registered breeder either overseas or local.


Your puppy must be “pure bred”. That is, he must be pedigreed and you must have the pedigree papers. Be aware that “papers” should only refer to a dog’s pedigree. A breed certificate is not a pedigree certificate. For an imported dog, ensure that an export pedigree will be issued!


It is the usual practice for breeders of pedigreed pups to register the litter with the relevant country’s canine body and then transfer the registration into the new owner’s name when the puppies are sold.


Training & Grooming For The Big Day


Train your puppy daily on a lead, practice gaiting (the pattern of movement at varying speeds and varying placement of feet) and show stance (the best possible standing position for judging purposes), for about ten minutes per session, several times daily, if time permits. The breeder will probably help you with the correct stance and speed at which to show your breed.


Teach your puppy to be a relaxed traveller (a sick dog is no fun) by starting with short trips and gradually increase the length, until your dog is a comfortable traveller.


Brush or comb your puppy, removing loose hair and knots, weekly to get it used to the grooming routine. Maintain coat and body condition with a good diet (perhaps including oil), exercise and a thorough worming program. Regular vaccinations are compulsory and also essential to health.


How Do I Enter My Puppy For The Show?


You will receive the show entry form & schedule through email or mail. Fill in the form and send it together with payment to the Club before the closing date. You must fill in the official registration name, particulars like sire and dam, date of birth. Classes offered will be listed on the entry form. Please take note that the Baby Puppy and Puppy class are not the same.

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