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Some major changes in the FCI 2023 rules with effect from 1 January 2023:

1) New categories (Intermediate)-

S (Small) : for dogs measuring less than 35 cm at the withers

M (Medium) : for dogs measuring 35 cm or more and less than 43 cm at the withers

I (Intermediate) : for dogs measuring 43 cm or more and less than 48 cm at the withers

L (Large) : for dogs measuring 48 cm or more at the withers

2) Contact Zone ( AF and DW up contact not judged) -

On the dog-walk and A-frame, the dog must touch the down contact zone with at least one paw or part of paw. On the see-saw, the dog must touch both the up and down contact zones with at least one paw or part of a paw. Failure to do so: 5 faults each time it occurs. The dog is considered to have left the obstacle when all four paws are on the ground.

3) Remove of Flat Tunnel from obstacles list

Click here for copy of New FCI Agility Regulations (w.e.f 1 January 2023):


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