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Transfer of Ownership


1. All Transfers of Ownership must be duly registered and acknowledged by the Singapore Kennel Club.


2. An application of transfer of ownership will not be accepted if any alterations or deletions are made to the name of the previous or present owner.


3. A copy of the pedigree can be submitted in person at S.K.C office or via email to Both previous and new owner must sign at the back of the pedigree certificate. 

4. If for any reason the previous owner's signature cannot be obtained, an application for transfer can be made to the Executive Director of SKC, with an official document or email statement authorizing S.K.C to proceed, supported by a letter of indemnity, indemnifying the S.K.C from all claims, costs, actions, proceedings, demands and expenses that may arise out of this transfer.


5. Every registration at the S.K.C implies submission, by the person registering, to the S.K.C Rules and Regulations in all canine matters.


6. Transfer of ownership must be done within 14 days of purchase. A surcharge (minimum double normal transfer fee) may be levied for late submission after 14 days, and the Governing Council reserves the right to refuse a late transfer.


Members' Rate $93 (inclusive of new pedigree with new owner's name + postage)

Non-Members' Rate $173 (inclusive of new pedigree with new owner's name + postage)


With effect 1st January 2021, all transfer of ownership comes with new pedigree (cost of new pedigree is $50.00).


Request of Duplicate Pedigree Certificate or Breed Cert (Lost/Misplaced)

1. Only current owner of the pedigree/breed certificate can request for duplicate copy.

2. Fees for reprinting pedigree/breed certificate - $50.00 per piece

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