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Information for Groomers


Originally, grooming techniques were inherited and handed down especially from master to pupil.  These techniques along with different types of styles (clips) were evolved through the years to a standard, which can be recognized internationally.   There can be differences in techniques, sequences, expressions and those differences are most often considered as uniqueness of the grooming profession. Good grooming can enhance the outlook of a particular breed of dog.  Good grooming also shows that a dog has been well cared for and that the owner takes pride in sharing and even showing off, how well his or her dog is presented.

Score sheets are currently are designed to mainly evaluate technical skills, at a designated time. For example, Pet Clips for Poodles have a wide variety and in many of the cases the expressions of styles are varied, probably due to influences from books and trimming charts from overseas.


Certified grooming training schools endeavor to provide well balanced expression techniques, which could be based on manuals and education on standardized grooming skills.


At Grooming Certifications/Competitions, the judge evaluates the grooming techniques used in bringing out the best and correct expression of the head. Correct grooming of the front and rear paws are just as important. Due consideration is also given as to how grooming equipment are handled and how the dog is handled.  The finished product of a well groomed dog should be a living picture of a dog that is groomed and presented to an immaculate condition.

Groomers are advised to read up and understand the rules & format of the Grooming Certifications/Competitions before submitting their entry form.


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