Upcoming Shows

9th & 10th July 2022 at Macpherson CC

Registration is now Open! 

Closing Date: 24th June 2022 (Friday) before 5pm

All exhibitors are kindly reminded that all dogs are restricted from urinating/defecating within the CC premises. If there is any violations to the above-mentioned, the offending exhibitor & dog will be excused from the show site immediately.

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9th July 2022 (Saturday)

230th SKC Championship Dog Show 

Judge: Mr. Ivan Theodor Cary (Group 2,3,4,5,6,8 & 9)

and Ms. Nikki Chou (Group 1,7 & 10)

3rd FCI-Asia, Africa & Oceania Championship Show

Judge: Mr. Derrick Seow (Malaysia)

10th July 2022 (Sunday)

231st SKC Championship Dog Show

Judge: Mrs. Lorelei S. Uy (Philippines) 

32nd FCI International CACIB Dog Show

Judge: Mr. Ronnie F. Natividad (Philippines)

New exhibitors please do read up the show rules available here.

For point system, click here.

Show Entry Form

Update as at 7 Jun'22 - Power point slots all taken up.

Registration shall be processed upon payment confirmed.

Please notify SKC at admin@skc.org.sg if payment is made by a third party and please provide the third party's name. Failure to do so will result in entry rejected. SKC does not allow payment first and submission of entry later. If entry is submitted after the closing date, any advance payment will be refunded and entry shall be rejected.

Kindly send a screenshot of your payment to admin@skc.org.sg for confirmation of your entry. Thank you.

Admin fee of $10.00 applies only when you require SKC staff to fill up the entry form.

*Kindly take note New Membership application may be rejected at SKC's discretion.


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