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Upcoming Shows

1st & 2nd June 2024 Championship Dog Shows

Early Bird Closing Date: 6th May 2024

Final Closing Date: 17th May 2024


1st & 2nd June 2024

Location: Macpherson Community Club

400 PAYA LEBAR WAY, S (379131)

247th SKC Championship Dog Show

Judges: Mr. Hiroshi Tsuyuki (Japan) & Ms. Nikki Chou (Singapore)

10th FCI-Asia, Africa & Oceania Championship Show

Judge: Mr. Guy Spagnolo (Australia)

248th SKC Championship Dog Show

Judge: Ms. Corinna Hoberg (Nicaragua)

42nd FCI International CACIB Show 

Judge: Mr. Julio Ronco (Panama)







Power points all taken up. No more power point available.

With immediate effect, all dogs taking part in SKC Conformation Shows (SKC/FCI/A2O) must be registered with SKC for at least 7 days.  Any last minute registration of new dogs(overseas/local) for dog shows may be rejected.

Please note: Total payable will be advised via official email upon entry received.

Full payment must be made before the deadline to confirm entry.  If you did not receive the email, please write to shall be processed upon payment confirmed.

Please notify SKC at if payment is made by a third party and please provide the third party's name.

Failure to do so will result in entry rejected. SKC does not allow payment first and submission of entry later.

If entry is submitted after the closing date,  any advance payment will be refunded and entry shall be rejected.

Kindly send a screenshot of your payment to for confirmation of your entry. Thank you.

Admin fee of $10.00 applies only when you require SKC staff to fill up the entry form.

*Kindly take note New Membership application may be rejected at SKC's discretion.

Show Entry Form


*NOTE: Exhibitors without power points ARE NOT ALLOWED to bench at the power point area. If found doing so, exhibitors will be asked to leave the power point area. We seek your kind understanding and cooperation. Show Manager reserves all rights to withdraw entries of those failing to comply with the regulations. Friends and supporters are advised to stay around the ring area. Show Manager reserves the right to excuse friends and supporters from the benching area.

New exhibitors please do read up the show rules available here.

For point system, click here.

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