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Obedience Training Classes


Experience the ultimate in companionship and teamwork. Taste the thrill of competition. Join our Obedience training classes and participate in Obedience trials. You and your dog will have fun!


Obedience is an absorbing and involving sport, and many hundreds of owners all over Singapore have been hooked by this interesting hobby. The concept behind obedience training is to develop a very close working relationship between human beings and dogs, while demonstrating the usefulness and enthusiasm of dogs. A few minutes of training your dog everyday, with plenty of praise and encouragement, will see your dog develop into a real professional!


Above all, Obedience classes are considered to be ‘fun courses’, designed to be enjoyed by dog and owner. Informality is encouraged; however nothing may be included in an Obedience class which could endanger the safety of the dogs, the handlers, or the spectators.


SKC administers a test at the end of every course as part of their classes.

Types of Obedience Courses


There are three different types of competitive obedience classes where the training becomes successively more challenging.


Pre-Novice Class


Tired of your dog taking you for a walk? Here’s where you can learn how to walk your dog beautifully, earn the praise you deserve! You and your dog will reach new levels of training you never thought possible!


Novice Class


Moving on up! This Novice class combines all the exercises used in the beginners class but has an additional element – you’re dog will be going off-leash!


Intermediate Class


As you become more experienced, you will be able to progress to more challenges, introducing more complicated and exacting exercises and expecting an exemplary level of performance. Some of the exercises that are introduced as you progress through this stage are distance control, when your dog must obey commands to sit, stand, or down, given while you are standing some distance away from him; heel work at different speeds and with many different maneuvers. The sheer delight of accomplishment can be seen in the wag of a tail!





SKC Member

SKC Associate Member


Puppy FUN program (6 weeks)

$ 180.00

$ 210.00

$ 240.00

$ 360.00

$ 240.00

$ 210.00

Good Canine Citizen (8 weeks)

Pre-Novice Class (8 weeks)

$ 300.00

$ 330.00

$ 420.00

Novice Class (8 weeks)

$ 300.00

$ 330.00

$ 420.00

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